2020 Holiday Decor Trends

Creating a warm and cozy space that invokes classic nostalgia is what we are serving up in our holiday decorating ideas this year.

It seems that everyone is looking for a little holly jolly these days, and focusing on the upcoming holiday season is just what we need to bring some magic back into our hearts and homes.

Creating a warm and cozy space that invokes classic nostalgia is what we are serving up in our holiday decorating ideas this year. So, if you are looking to update your ho-ho-ho hum holiday decor and add some jolly, stick with us as we give you our top holiday decor trends for 2020.


It’s the place where you open your heart and home to your loved ones. Having a stunning entryway invites your guests to share in your holiday spirit and creates a sense of warm welcome. You can create this magic with garland and wreaths, beautiful bows and twinkle lights. Inspire that no place like home for the holidays feeling from the moment your guests arrive.


Our holiday decorating ideas are filled with naturally inspired items and color palettes this year. Fresh greens like olive branch garlands or natural hemlock wreaths bring sustainable holiday magic to your hearth and home. Potted living pines also make for a fantastic holiday decor choice. They work for indoor and outdoor decorating and can be planted when you’re done. It’s great to be green with your red and green.


Whether you live in warm climates or those that will endure winter’s chill, one of the most popular holiday decor trends for 2020 is flocking. That freshly fallen snow kissed look is everywhere. Find artificial trees and wreaths with flocking already applied or create your own winter wonderland with spray flocking.


The thought of a fabulous farmhouse or cozy cabin with a crackling fire and the smell of pine and cinnamon in the air invoke that warm holiday spirit in many. Add the rustic and timeless design of neutral colors, wooden and metal accents, homemade signage and handmade stockings and blankets and you have the perfect shabby chic holiday look. Feel yourself walk down memory lane to the land of holidays past with this holiday decor trend. 


Though neutral colors are very popular this holiday season, don’t be upset if this is not your thing. Try various shades of blues from midnight and royal to dusty blue and robin’s egg. This unexpected hue is sure to be a huge hit and pairs well with many other looks. Choosing to try this trend will make you feel anything but blue.

We hope that this list of our favorite holiday decor trends for 2020 gets you on your way to a beautiful and bright holiday.