Hosting for the Holidays

If you’re hosting any upcoming festivities, we want you to do so in style by gathering safely around your new dining room table.

The holiday season is upon us. For our homes, this means decorating them full of festive holiday cheer for our friends and family to enjoy.

The 2020 holiday season is looking a little bit different though. With us all practicing social distancing and staying at home, hosting for the holidays needs to adhere to some safety protocol, especially when it comes to the meals and close gatherings around the table.


Nothing says social distancing like a table centerpiece. That’s because these gorgeous bits of display not only act as beautiful décor, but a visual barrier for your neighbor across the table. When creating your centerpiece for the 2020 holidays, go for height. Add some variation, but try to aim for 6” or higher for a good barrier. Ways to achieve this are through glass vases filled with festive holiday décor bits such as ornaments, acorns, and tinsel (depending on the holiday). Candles are another great way that also let off a nice ambient glow to your dinner party.


Multiple napkins means multiple options to be clean and hygienic this holiday season. Create a layered look with your linens by choosing a neutral cloth napkin paired with a fun and festive patterned option. You can’t go wrong with a classic plaid pattern. Secure these with a detailed napkin ring for a bit more of a decorative touch, and you’ll have a perfect place setting! Don’t just stop at napkins though. Pull together the look with a runner or table cloth to unify the whole package.


Place cards aren’t just an extra to add for weddings and big gala events. For 2020, they are the perfect way to add a personal touch and maintain safe and healthy distances. Place people around your table based on living situations for health and safety. Place name cards an appropriate distance as well. Six feet apart might be a challenge at a dining table, unless you are looking to host only two other guests. Try for 30-36” distance while dining.

Name cards also will bring a special and personal touch to the holidays this year. With so many of us social distancing and staying at home, it’s a nice gesture to see a card in your name (even if it is just to locate where you are sitting). The key to making these classy is that unless your handwriting is calligraphy worthy, use handwritten type font. Also make sure to print your name cards on high quality paper for a high quality look.

2020 has greatly altered how we gather. Moving through the holiday season, we can still be safe while we celebrate with family and friends.