Caldrea Hand Soap


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Washing your hands properly has always been important, but having hand soap throughout your home makes it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. This particular Caldrea Hand Soap comes in multiple scents, including Grove-member favorites, such as rosewater driftwood and sweet pea. Made with aloe vera, olive oil, and essential oils, your hands will not only be clean, but conditioned after each use. Its paraben-free, phthalate free, and Leaping Bunny-certified. Want a wider selection of soap? Check out all of our hand soaps, or shop all personal care. How do I properly wash my hands with Caldrea Hand Soap? This naturally derived hand soap can be used just like any other hand soap (even though it’s a healthy option for your home and the Earth, unlike some other competitors). Wet your hands, and then add soap to your hands. Scrub for 20 seconds, and rinse and dry your hands. Aromatherapeutic home cleaning Bring peace of mind to your bathroom or kitchen. This Caldrea Hand Soap is available on Grove in nine scents to sooth your mind, body, and spirit. These scents include: Basil blue sage
Gilded balsam birch
Ginger pomelo
Lavender cedar leaf
Pear blossom agave
Rosewater driftwood
Sea salt neroili
Sweet pea
Tangelo palm frond
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Please note: In order to ensure that everyone in the Grove community has access to the essentials they need, we made the decision to limit purchase quantities for some of our high-demand items. Caldrea Hand Soap