Full Circle Veggie Brush


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Whether you buy your produce at the grocery store or gather it from your own garden, make sure it’s clean before you eat it with this convenient Full Circle Veggie Brush. Made with a comfortable, bamboo handle and recycled plant-fiber and recycled-plastic bristles, this veggie brush tackles left-over dirt from the harvest or even small particles unseen by the eye. Plus, don’t let its name fool you, this veggie brush can be used for fruits along with vegetables, too. Grove has a wide variety of fun and easy-to-use kitchen tools. Shop around and find some gadgets that could help you out around your home. Need some extra food storage? Grove’s also got you covered when it comes to covering your food. Check out all our paper and pantry products. Clean has a nice ring to it This Full Circle Veggie Brush is built circular, making it super easy to clean produce. Clean everything from apples and peaches to potatoes and cucumbers. To get the full picture, this brushes dimensions measure 3.54″ x 1.18″ x 3.74″. How do I use this Full Circle Veggie Brush? Hold the circular handle of the brush in your hand, and use the bristles to scrub your produce clean. No matter if you’re scrubbing firm veggies or delicate fruits, this brush won’t bruise or scratch your food. See what other Earth-friendly Full Circle products could make a big difference in your home. Full Circle Veggie Brush