Hargett Bridge Arm Floor Lamp by Visual Comfort - Color: Bronze - Finish: Bronze - (SP 1505BZ-NP)



Disorder breeds style in the Hargett Bridge Arm Floor Lamp by Visual Comfort. This unique design from the mind of J. Randall Powers sees the elements of a traditional floor lamp rearranged into a new configuration, plucking the luminaire from the top and placing it on a dramatic horizontal arm. The lamp’s unique motif is reinforced by a section of externalized cable that creates a tangible trail from the expected lamp head location to its actual position. Founded in 1987, Visual Comfort & Co. has been the leading resource for signature designer lighting. Having manufactured lighting fixtures with some of the most influential names in design, Visual Comfort & Co. offers a vast assortment of lighting, featuring many prominent designs of exceptional style, quality and functionality. Color: Bronze. Finish: Bronze

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