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Studio McGee Launches New Decor at Target

Interior design firm Studio McGee has teamed up with Target to inject new life into their already established Threshold brand.

A design partnership made in heaven

To say we’re excited and proud of this retail partnership is a tremendous understatement. Anyone in the interior design world (whether you’re a design professional or a home design enthusiast) knows the name Studio McGee.

Husband and wife team, Shea and Syd McGee, started Studio McGee in 2014. Their fresh, contemporary, yet classic and trendsetting aesthetic has taken the industry by storm over the last several years and has garnered quite a devoted following. Even if you don’t know the name Studio McGee, you’ve undoubtedly come across their fantastic designs online, whether on Pinterest or on their other very active social media accounts.

Studio McGee has had their own online store for several years now, called McGee & Co., which is chock full of some of the most beautiful home decor items you will ever come across. While they have something for everyone, many of their items are high-end, so the general public may not yet fully appreciate or be familiar with their offerings. That’s why their brand new partnership with Target makes perfect sense and is a move we’ve been waiting on for some time now!

Our favorites

Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee is a multi-year partnership between the retail giant and the interior design firm. We couldn’t be prouder for the general public to now have greater visibility to Studio McGee. They have been transforming homes and making life beautiful for years now, but once you see these beautiful products in Target stores, you’ll see just how much of an upgrade this is to Target’s already well-established Threshold brand. Aligning with Studio McGee makes perfect sense and we hope you’ll join us in supporting this pairing!

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