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A Stylish Home Office for Two

The home office is one of those spaces that is often an afterthought — lacking function and style. Our clients, Danny and Erin Sirianni at Sirianni Realty, wanted to transform their home office and make it functional for both of them to use on daily basis.

Working from home used to be something that only a small portion of the population got to experience on a regular basis, but the COVID-19 lockdown essentially turned all of our homes into makeshift offices. With that came the realization that as long as we have to spend so much time inside our home, we want our home office to be as beautiful and functional as some of our other rooms.

Such is the case with our clients at Sirianni Realty, owned and operated by husband and wife team Danny and Erin Sirianni. They came to us ready for a major upgrade — both in style and in function.

Many people use a spare bedroom as an office, but that can easily result in a mismatched, hodgepodge solution — one that works well enough to get by, but isn’t necessarily optimal for day-to-day activities. Our goal was to help Erin and Danny minimize clutter, elevate their style, and design a room that works for both of them, since they would be sharing the space most days.

Instead of two individual desks, we opted to go a less traditional route and chose this great Laurel Natural Dining Table to serve as a collective desktop space. It serves as a neutral, yet warm, focal point in the room and will provide plenty of working surface area. These matching leather dining chairs from Lulu & Georgia add some character and comfort. Anchoring the space is the striking Edina Plaid Indoor/Outdoor Rug from McGee & Co. It not only grounds the whole room visually, but adds visual interest with a pattern that perfectly suits both masculine and feminine styles.

The Louisiana Cabinet adds some much-needed closed storage (so you’re not seeing all the “stuff” just sitting on bookshelves). The cabinet also adds vertical height and contrast in the room and sets it apart from the off-white walls, painted in Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. It has a great woven texture on the cabinet door fronts with some subtle brass accents on the hardware, which elevates the entire look.

After trying out a few different options for lighting, we arrived at the oversized Katie Large Pendant decked out in polished nickel and black leather detailing to really pull the room together, while making just enough of a visual statement. Lastly, because we love to incorporate greenery in every design, a faux olive tree makes any room look cozier and more inviting, while adding some organic texture to the mix.

You can shop the mood board above right now and we can’t wait to show you the real finished product after the install of Sirianni Realty’s new home office.

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